About Us

Vats Media is organizing beauty contest among maximum cities after then there will be a competition between the short listed contestants of different cities will be Miss Ambassador 2019.

Vats Media TV Channel is the promoter of a traditional and cultural style of fashion and searches the hidden talents within his or herself. We find out the talented one and provide them groomings from international experts & trainers of the fashion world and along with this we also provide them a platform in the world of glamour. 

Today there are many Hollywood/Bollywood celebrities who got their first stroke by Vats Media. 
Vats Media is a female-oriented organization which beliefs in empowering girls/ladies to live a life of honour and dignity. 
Vats Media was founded by Roshan Vats on 13 March 2008.

Miss Ambassador 2019 is a beauty contest start from Auditions and will end on a state level with the coordination of Educational Institutes. The main motto of Vats Media is to find the hidden talent and display at national/International level.

The selected or winner candidates will be eligible for next rounds to reach national/International level.

Explores and brings together young talent for the fashion, lifestyle and entertainment industry.

Driving Industry Trends

Trends in any industry have two profound effects: they create the feel of a particular time, and they spur innovation that carries forward into future eras.

In a robust film industry, trends and innovative techniques are creating a distinctive look, sound and feel for today’s art. Pushed forward by rapidly developing technologies, these trends are also changing many of the ways we think about and use filmmaking.

Here, we take a look at some of the biggest trends and techniques currently changing our approach to film.

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