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1. At the time of our Contest hunt, particulars can’t participate in any other contest.

2. Participants will not give an interview at the time of Contest to Print Media and Electronic Media without Vats Media Permission.

3. At the time of audition, parents will not be allowed on an audition venue.

4. Participants have to reach at audition venue on time otherwise we will not entertain her.

5. The registration form should duly sign by Applicant’s guardians and should be attested by the principal/head of the concerned institution or notary public etc. (if needed)

6. There is no entry free for an audition.

7. The decision of the judgment committee must be respectable & acceptable.

8. We reserve the rights to change rules and regulations, venue date and process etc. for the final and mega final without any notice.

9. Any applicant who does not abide by the instruction rules and regulations of the company or event management is liable to be disqualified any time by the panel without any notice.

10. The Vats Media has the rights to withhold or revoke the title from the winner who is disqualified to fulfill the rules and regulations of the event at present or at any stage.

11. In any case of mishappening Vats Media is not responsible.



i. ” I wish to enroll in “Miss Brand Ambassador” presented by Vats Media, and agree with registration and also agree to abide by the rules and regulation of the event. “

ii. ” I participate in the beauty contest at my own risk and responsibility. “

iii. ” I understand that the registration form is not any guarantee for the selection and decision of Vats Media will be acceptable by me/us. “

iv. ” I hereby declare that all the statement was given by me true and best of my knowledge, if there is any mistake I will be liable for this. “

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